The Programme

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We want you to lead the full and happy life which you deserve. Sometimes it's easy to get tied up in activities which don't make us happy, so come join us and gain insight into a great toolkit which will help you maintain a happy life.

Unlike other Happiness Courses we don't expect you to pay hundreds of pounds to learn how.  For just £99.00 the programme includes an initial psychometric happiness assessment, 2 half day workshops, home study and additional support. Click here to book your place

We are sure you will agree it's excellent value. We aim for you to feel nurtured and empowered as a result of the programme. Additional post programme coaching sessions to maintain your levels of happiness and wellbeing are also on offer, at a reasonable cost. If you do follow up with coaching you receive a discount for booking a 6 week block of sessions, but you can also book them individually.

As we have qualified practitioners including an applied psychologist you can also tap into our other personal development offerings to learn to understand yourself. Click here to find out more

Our Happiness Lessons are currently being delivered in Gloucestershire, with   Worcestershire, Bristol and Oxford soon. Watch this space!